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Trade Stocks

Trade Stocks – Offshore Brokerage for all major stock exchanges around the world. Broker assisted trading over the phone and/ or direct access trading through our offshore trading platforms. Best Offshore Stockbrokers with the biggest choice of trading platforms.

Trade Derivatives

Trade Derivatives – Your Offshore Derivatives Broker in Asia giving you direct market access trading through offshore trading platforms for all major Futures exchanges and all global futures product sectors.

Trade CFDs

Trade CFDs – CFDs allow you to trade individual shares without putting up the full underlying contract value, and offer substantial advantages over normal share trading. 38 CFD markets on an offshore trading platform of your choice or give Asia’s Premier Offshore Stockbrokeryour order over the phone.

Trade ETFs

Trade ETFs – Trade ETFs Offshore with our Offshore Trading Platforms, Asia’s largest selection.

Trade Offshore

Trade Offshore – Trade Offshore with our choice of over 20 Offshore Trading Platforms.


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